Life not going the way you want? 

People telling you your dreams are 'too big' or 'unrealistic'? 

Sure you're supposed to do something amazing but you don't know what it is? 

Scared to take the leap / the risk / the chance and not sure how to push through? 


If you're new to the idea, let me summarize what I do... 

  • I ask the real questions, and I don't buy into the BS that's keeping you stuck.
  • I evaluate past experiences to identify where your nervous system perceives threat. 
  • I identify unhelpful loops in your subconscious that are creating unfavorable behavior patterns.
  • I get you back in touch with your intuition, so that decision-making becomes easier. 
  • I help you create new empowering meanings that affect your daily emotions and happiness levels.
  • I help you to understand the value system that underpins your choices and triggers. 
  • I am your biggest supporter and most vocal cheerleader, and I condition you to really feel and celebrate your wins. . 


Question: Is it therapy? It's definitely therapeutic to take the heat off the pressure cooker ;) But no, we are not therapists and we're not going to ask you relive past traumas over and over again. The goal is to move you forward. If you need psychological help as well, we will refer you. 

Question: I already have friends to vent to, why would I use a coach? Friends are wonderful, but they believe you. The best part about having a coach is that we don't buy into any of your stories and we're not in this just to 'spitball'. We're asking the real questions, monitoring your physiology for congruency and fronting up with the hard truth when necessary. It's not 'girl talk', 'guy talk', 'drunk talk' or a casual 'catch up'. We're here to make real, transformative change. 

Question: The idea of getting a coach makes me nervous. Are you going to ask me to do things I'm not ready for? Coaches don't tell you what to do. We ask you what you want, and then we help you make it happen by clearing the subconscious blocks that are keeping you stuck. Coaching can be exhilarating, but it's not scary and we won't hurt you :) 

Question: Why is investing in myself such a hard thing to do? Likely because you’ve spent most of your life taking care of and prioritizing others, be it family, children, partners or friends. It can be hard to do something for yourself when culturally, prioritizing ourselves is mistakenly thought of as selfish. The truth is: you can’t give from an empty vessel. To be as energetic, enthusiastic, capable and inspiring as you want to be for your loved ones, you need to be emotionally fit and healthy, growing and making progress, and in control of your destiny. And you can’t do that when you’re being driven by limiting beliefs or the residue of past hurts. 




  • Are you making all your decisions ‘by committee’ because you don’t trust your own judgement?  
  • Do you feel guilty all the time and find yourself justifying your choices or behavior to others? 
  • Are you constantly comparing yourself to others and never coming out on top? 
  • Are you exhausted and frustrated with how your life is turning out? 
  • Are the wrong people taking up a lot of space (rent-free…) in your head? 
  • Do you feel lonely or abandoned a lot of the time? 
  • Do you know something needs to change but you don’t know where to begin? 


Your story is both unique, and devastatingly common. What is not common however, is the depth of understanding I have for exactly what you’re going through.

Consistently de-prioritizing yourself and your dreams is not the path to happiness, and the longer you keep it up, the longer you deprive the world of the amazing work you were put here to do.  

About Sarah Reilly

I’ll level with you: I suspect that this may not be the first time you’ve tried to make a leap in the right direction. But despite the best of intentions, you keep re-creating the same unfulfilling situation again and again. And your dreams never make it to the top of the priority list. 


When you take back your power, you get to set your own standards, live up to your own expectations and make your own decisions about who you are, where you live and how you show up in your life. 

You’re able to control your direction, your focus and your emotions better than ever before. 

And when you finally put yourself first, ironically, your guilt takes a back seat. Because only a full heart can be as generous, as kind, and as inspirational as you want to be for the loved ones in your life. 


  • Finally do the things on your bucket list. 
  • Ask confidently for what you want and need, and receive it with grace and joy. 
  • Meet new people without feeling embarrassed, intimidated or anxious. 
  • Close the gap between the real you on the inside, and your external projected image. 

This kind of freedom is reserved for the brave souls who are done with constant pain, mediocrity and demotion, and are ready to invest in their own development and take their life to the next level.  

It’s time to take back your power.

It’s time to reprioritize yourself. 

I created this process because what makes me compassionately angry is seeing wonderful people with a generous heart and incredible potential, give their power away to unworthy people or causes. 

I know what it’s like to be in terrible pain, and my life was turned around by a few immensely talented coaches. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their care and skill, and it’s my duty and pleasure to pay it forward.  

Perhaps you’ve tried therapy or coaching before, but had limited success. The key difference with me is that if you found any of the above familiar, then we have shared experience, which makes the journey to understanding and empathy a lot shorter. 

I know how to get past the disconnection, powerlessness and fear, and create an enviable and fulfilling life. Let me guide you, support you, and hold space for you to do the same. 

My primary areas of experience and expertise:  

  • Fear-based decision making 
  • Personal authority 
  • Narcissistic abuse 
  • Recurring nightmares 
  • Self-esteem and self-worth issues 
  • Guilt 
  • Comparison 
  • Dysfunctional relationships 
  • Abandonment and betrayal 

One of the key benefits of this particular coaching is having someone who understands precisely what you’re experiencing, and can offer tested and proven processes and advice to get you back in the driver’s seat. 

No more wasting time battling overwhelming emotions or fielding well meaning but often misguided advice. Don’t let another year go by and make the same New Year's resolution. 

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.


“I'm seriously BETTER after talking to you. There have been a few conversations in the past months that have materially moved me forward and our last session was one of the biggest gifts of all.” - Megan, New York

"Sarah is the most fun to work with, I had an absolute blast throughout the entire process. Definitely recommend." - Stacie, Calgary

"Within a very short time, Sarah was able to give me a new level of understanding about myself and the people in my life. She has a fantastic depth of knowledge and is always a joy to talk with." - Paul, Wales

"I wanted the freedom that having my own business would afford me but I was experiencing a lack of self-confidence and doubted that I could achieve what I wanted to do. Sarah has guided and supported me in a way that has given me the confidence to believe in myself and pursue my passion. Thank you Sarah!" - Gillian, Calgary

"I just wanted to tell you I feel really uplifted after our session yesterday. I did the meditation you gave me last night and I felt really comforted. Thank you! xx" - Sarah, Sydney, Australia  

"I'm so happy you're doing well in terms of clients. I must say, you really nailed the website issue for me. I was hiding myself. It was such a powerful few words that you said to me that I FINALLY started my business account!" - Meribel, New York 

"I feel happy and hopeful for the first time. Everything really makes sense now. You're really good at this!" - Name withheld, Calgary, Canada 

"Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, the progress feels so good!" - Ebony, UK  

"This is the most beneficial program I've done in 10 years of therapy. What you say resonates and I like that you don't let me intellectualise my way out of confronting the real issue. I can usually bullshit psychologists but you seem to be immune!" - Name withheld, Sydney, Australia

"First and foremost Sarah has been a major influence in my personal growth. If you're looking to master the inner game so your outer world can be epic, look no further: Sarah is your woman. She rocks. She is direct - no B.S - and one of the most sincere champions of your success I have ever met. She is full of love, but no fluff. Her commitment to helping people be the best versions of themselves will get you all the results you desire and more!" - Tiffany, Mexico

"Straight Talk, but all love. You will love Sarah's realness and compassion!" - Toyia, Georgia

 "Sarah is an amazing coach and mentor. She really tells you what you NEED to hear." - Gurleen, Vancouver 

If you’re interested in finding out what we could achieve, push the blue button and apply for a complimentary coaching call where we can evaluate what’s bothering you and discuss solutions.  

© Sarah Reilly 2017